Most of our practice involves four primary areas – Corporate Litigation, Business Law, Mediation/Arbitration, and Family Law – but we have experience in many areas of litigation and non-litigation.


We try cases. We like to try cases. We enjoy trying cases. Would you rather avoid trial or would you prefer to mediate or settle your case instead of going to trial? That’s fine (and often very smart!), but when you are negotiating for that settlement, wouldn’t you rather be represented by a firm that has a reputation for trying cases? (Lawyers usually know which lawyers will take it all the way and which ones are in it just to settle.) If you are not able to settle, do you want to have to start over with a new firm – one that actually tries cases?


There is perhaps one thing that is even more rewarding than prevailing in litigation: Keeping our clients out of litigation altogether! Over the course of representing clients in court, we have often formed bonds that have lasted for many, many years — even decades — after the litigation was resolved. These familiar, long-term, personal/business relationships allow us to be efficient and responsive to our clients’ unique and changing needs. We fill these non-litigation needs by careful transactional work in the following areas discussed here.

Other Areas

We are often asked about other areas such as personal injury, criminal law, or traffic violations, but we do not generally practice in these areas. Having practiced in South Florida since 1985, however, our attorneys have established relationships with some of the best attorneys in these areas and we will be more than happy to partner with or help you find an excellent attorney to address your needs in these or any areas in which we do not practice.