There are very few situations in life that are more difficult than the breakdown of the family. We take a keen interest in supporting the family in many ways (see our favorite charity) including help in dissolutions (divorces). Because every situation is unique, we try to tailor our representation to meet the needs of each individual client at this stage in his or her life. Some dissolutions can be fairly quick and inexpensive (such as a short-term divorce with no minor children, a reasonable spouse, and a professional lawyer on the other side); but some can be very complicated and drawn out.

It is possible these days to handle many “simple” divorces with little or no legal counsel by using forms readily available from the courts. The problem is that relatively few situations are truly “simple.” In our experience, there is almost always something unique that requires special attention and legal guidance. Sometimes, even when there is agreement between the parties, they are more comfortable having an attorney walk them through the system. Of course, sometimes there is a lot at stake and your spouse has already “lawyered up” leaving you without counsel. Whatever your situation, it makes sense to speak with an attorney as early as possible to reason together about what your best course might be. Give us a call and let’s work through that together so you can make the best decision.

It’s your future; and it does matter.


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