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Welcome to Curran Law Group - one of South Florida's premier law firms. We represent a large variety of local, national, and international entities as well as individuals from all walks of life with an emphasis on complex business disputes and relationships.

One of our primary goals when representing our clients is complete and efficient service. We designed our website the same way. On this site you can read about our experience, our attorneys, and the history of the firm. You can find out how to contact us, learn about fees and costs, get detailed directions to the office or the courthouse, or learn about mediation or Christian alternative dispute resolution. We've been living and practicing in South Florida for decades and when you're finished browsing our website, we look forward to meeting and serving you in person.

(Don't want to spend any more time on the web site? Feel free to call or write us at the numbers and addresses here - the old-fashioned way!) Se habla Español.

Coastal Tower, Suite 208
2400 East Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Phone: (954) 938-9922
Fax: (954) 938-9923